We are Magie Schmuck!

Three friends who found each other to live out their calling.
We share the same values ​​and have a common vision:

To enchant you and give you a smile with our jewelry!
What defines us?
Passion, creativity, a great way of working and lots of freedom to develop new ideas.
We founded Magie with the goal of making fine jewelry accessible and affordable to everyone. We believe that jewelry is a reflection of your personality, a symbol of your values ​​and a way to express your individuality. That's why we source only the finest materials and craft our designs with care and attention to detail.

Mete Özvarol

Mete, our strategist and COO, is the motivator and has a great feel for synergies.


Our loyal and motivated companion ensures fun and spontaneous breaks in which we can recharge our batteries.
She is also our namesake for the “Daisy Bracelet”

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Kader Yılmaz

Kader, our analyst and CXO, is the mediating force and knows what our customers want.

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Oğuzcan Ünver

Can our visionary and CEO is the driving force and always has innovative ideas.

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2024 trade fair calendar
10-18 February House-Garden-Leisure Fair Leipzig.
28 February- 3 March IHM Munich
22-24. March Beauty Düsseldorf
27 April- 7 May Maimarkt Mannheim
6-8 July Trendset Summer Munich
18-21 July CSD ColognePride
4-8 September Hanse Life Fair Bremen
12-20 October Hanover Infa.
26-27 October Beauty Munich
26 October- 3 November Consumenta Nuremberg
26 October- 3 November Offerta Karlsruhe
27 November - 1 December Heim+Handwerk Messe Munich
25 November - 23 December Mannheim Christmas market
Trade fairs we have attended in the past:
Beauty Düsseldorf
Beauty Munich
Maimarkt Mannheim
Trendset Munich
Home and craft trade fair Munich
IHM Munich
Hanover Infa Fair
CSD CologneProud
Cosmetica Hanover
Cosmetica Wiesbaden
Home-Garden-Leisure Fair Leipzig
Consumera Nuremberg
Thuringia exhibition Erfurt
Tyrolean Spring Fair Innsbruck
Mannheim Christmas market
Hanse Life Fair Bremen
Offerta Karlsruhe


Our team of skilled craftsmen bring decades of experience to create timeless pieces that are both elegant and functional. We only use ethically sourced materials, including high quality precious and semi-precious stones, to ensure that every piece of jewelry we sell is not only beautiful but also sustainable.