Wie wählt man die richtige Kettenlänge aus?

How to choose the right chain length?

"Choosing the right chain length for necklaces: tips and recommendations"

A carefully chosen necklace can be a perfect complement to almost any outfit. The length of the chain in particular can have a significant impact on the appearance of your clothing. With chains that fall in certain places, you can easily emphasize certain areas and bring them to the fore.

There are a few points to consider when choosing the chain length. You can consider the general appearance of your neck, your neck measurements, your face shape and your body type to decide the length of the necklace. By also considering specific types of clothing or collar styles, you can create wonderful combinations along with your style.

You can add the perfect finishing touch to your style with the right selected chain. Since the length of your chain significantly influences the look of your clothing and thus indirectly your style, you can choose according to your preferences. By choosing appropriately sized chains that emphasize specific areas, you can harmonize them with your style.

But how do you choose the right chain length? There are some details you should pay attention to before choosing your chain. First, it might be a good idea to measure your neck before purchasing the necklace. For example, if you're considering a short choker-style necklace or necklace, you can accurately determine and record your neck measurements. If you want the chain to fit comfortably around your neck, you can add 5cm to your measured size. If you choose an average chain, you can add 10cm to your neck measurements to achieve the correct length. You can take these recommendations into account and take into account your neck measurements and the structure of your neck.

The neck structure can vary from person to person and in particular can directly influence the effects of the chain attachment. If you have a slim neck, you can opt for choker styles or short chain-like jewelry pieces. If you have a short or wide neck, you can choose longer chains to make your neck appear longer. If you have an average neck length, you can look more chic with a chain of any length. If you have a wide neck, you can add 8 to 10 cm to your neck measurement to accommodate.

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